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Friday, August 11, 2006

Swan Song for the Burgh

burnt almond cake

There were a few more meals in Pittsburgh that I forgot to tell you about until now, so I'm telling about them now.

First, there was the feast that Aimee prepared for me when I arrived late on Thursday night. Pesto bread from a bakery on the Strip. A mini terrine of goat cheese, olive tapenade, and roasted red peppers.

pesto bread

goat cheese

And dessert---oh dessert. A famous burnt almond cake that she got from a special bakery. The almonds on the outside are so tasty, that I ate an entire quarter of them off of the cake before I even had my piece.

almond cake

And last, there was a memorable Pittsburgh sandwich before I left town. In the burgh-they eat coleslaw and fries on their sandwich so Aimee took me to the famous, Primanti Brothers.


It was a greasy spoon place with a big menu and an assembly line of fries, bread, coleslaw and meat. I had the corned beef and it was excellent. The fries on the sandwich are kind of strange, but the coleslaw is delicious. Its not mayo-based, but vinegar-based so its very pleasing to the palate. The coolness compliments the heat of the meat and bread.

all sandwiches served


So, that does it for Pittsburgh. I think I've probably boosted tourism by at least 1% with my reviews of Pittsburgh's excellent food. Do you think you'll visit anytime?


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