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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tacos, Dessert & Sex

empty margarita

Friday night, we celebrated Marietta's last Saturday night in town. She'll be here next weekend, but we'll be attending the nuptials of some friends, so this was her last Saturday night as far as Emily & I were concerned.

We hit up Taqueria at around 7 pm and ended up in the longest line ever. Great people watching, but it can get a bit awkward to be next to the same people in line for so long. I was so distracted by my hunger that I forgot to snap photos of our tacos and enchiladas, but I didn't forget to shoot my drained margarita glass. The margaritas at Taqueria are the BEST in town.


It turns out that the real star of the night was Emily. She created a dessert platter for goddesses (us). Yogurt-covered pretzels, shell chocolates, jellies, nectarines, strawberries and lemon goat cheese. To-die-for. We noshed all night long while watching our favorite Sex & the City episodes from all 6 seasons. Now that's just about a perfect night as I can imagine.

dessert platter2

dessert platter

dessert platter3


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