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Sunday, July 16, 2006


happy birthday

In life we have milestones. Times where we stop, look around at the scenery, look extra hard in the mirror. Life stops in those moments. We celebrate milestones because they're often the only times that we actually take the time to look around and see what we have, see who we are, and who we love. Birthdays are always milestones, and especially the big ones. Did I do everything I thought I would do by the time I was 30? Does everything feel right? Am I where I want to be with the right people by my side?

On Saturday, I participated in two milestones. First, the birthday party for my boyfriend, Lee's, mother. It was a milestone for her. She was surrounded by her friends and family in her beautiful mountain home in Elijay. She is healthy and happy, and vibrant. She and her friends and sisters love to laugh. The home feels like a home.

The other milestone was mine. Meeting his family. Meeting his mother. The woman in his life. The people who have known him the longest. Who shaped him and molded him and watched and cared for him. I admire them so much for teaching him to be the person he is today.

I cooked a feast to celebrate these milestones. Started the preparation in Atlanta, and finished in the giant kitchen in Elijay. Picked the right vegetables and herbs, chopped with nervous fingers and hands. Answered questions while whisking. Tried to put my best foot forward in the form of macaroni & cheese and baby back ribs.

On this milestone-I looked around and felt like I was home. Loved the people surrounding me. Felt good about the person that I am. Felt strong arms. Felt open arms. Hugged and laughed.

Enjoy the photos. They were taken with love on a day to remember. I look forward to more milestones.


lee and bruschetta


ribs and flowers

mac and cheese

fingerling potatos and green beans


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