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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I couldn't have said it better myself

If you were to saddle up next to me at a dive bar, lean in close and say "what's your sign?" I would repond with "Gemini". If you were really cute-tall, and dark-I might tell you that that means that half of the time I'm a true homebody. Robe. slippers. head band. TV. or my Julia Child cooking DVDs. Stacks of Gourmet to pour through. French press coffee. Just me and Madeleine. But I would also have to disclose that the other half of the time, I stalk the food pages of newspapers for new chefs, restaurants, dishes, fads, and decors. That I'm saving Bacchanalia partly because I can't afford it, but party because I've never had an occasion big enough to justify the incredible nature of the food. That I review for Zagat. That I love new restaurants.

Soon, you'll be introduced to my restaurant-half. I'm going to be reviewing something with my fellow foodie, Emily, in the next few weeks.

But for now, only because I couldn't have said it better myself, I'm referring you to Amy Sedaris-and her recent NYC quote. "I really don't like going out," Ms. Sedaris said one afternoon last week. "I don't like restaurants because I don't like the idea of someone, a waitress, being responsible for my evening. I like seconds, and more, and lots of conversation, and I've always hated the idea that in a restaurant an evening just ends. I find that incredibly depressing."

Today, Amy, and readers, I couldn't agree more. Today, I'm longing for a night that never ends-a goat cheese salad, an open faced croque monsieur, a salad perfectly dressed, and profiteroles for dessert.


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