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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Friend of a Farmer

flower market in san francisco

I don't know any farmers. If I did they might supply me with their wares. Weekly, I might collect a sweet cantaloupe, a trio of misshapen zucchini, or a flaky bunch of garlic. I'd carry my basket from week to week from house to house.

Someday, I hope to be a farmer. I think that in order to truly know good food, you have to know how to grow, pick, pluck, nourish, and grow. You need to know what the squash tastes like depending on the color, the texture, the size of the blossoms. You have to be able to daydream a meal from a long gaze at the garden.

In the meantime, since my herb garden isn't exactly going to sustain me, I have begun to participate in a weekly pick up of local grown produce. I'm splitting the weekly booty with a friend from work. Each Wednesday, she'll deliver the goods here, and we'll bargain equitably over the jewels of the week.

Stay tuned for this weeks' order! In the meantime, enjoy these images from the San Francisco Farmer's Market. They're gorgeous....




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