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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Diamonds on the soles of her gold shoes

gold shoes

A few weeks ago, Kathleen emailed me to tell me that she had purchased some new shoes over the weekend. They needed a debut. So, we made dinner reservations at Kyma- a place that we had been dying to try for a while. It was the latest edition to the Buckhead Life restaurant group dynasty, but it had been open for several years. The premise was Greek, specializing in Fish. We made the reso for 4-invited Eileen and Marietta, and anxiously awaited the debut of Kathleen's latest accessory.

We arrived at Kyma last night at around 7:15, and the clientele was, let's just say...early bird? There were several patrons in wheelchairs. We were all dressed up, with no one to see but a few grandparents. Next, we were led to a table that was situated right on the main drag of the restaurant, behind a giant Grecian column. Initially, we were unsure about how the night would shape up, but Kyma redeemed itself with its excellent fare.

The specialty at Kyma is their wood-grilled fish. When you enter, the first thing that you see are their fresh catches of the day on ice. These fresh catches are cooked whole and then fileted and served in a decadent bath of butter, white wine and capers.
frozen fish

more frozen fish

We started off with a basket of warm olive bread that was served with an excellent drizzle of olive oil and a bowl of potent hummus. We shared the Baby Calamari crisped in Olive Oil, the Saginaki (Kefalograviera Cheese in Barbayanni Ouzo and Lemon), and the Spanikopita, cheese and spinach triangles. All were excellent. The saginaki was pungent and soaked in Ouzo, the calamari were tender and crispy, and the spanikopita were flaky and warm with a creamy center.

baby calamari

Marietta had done some research in advance, and went in to the night craving the Lamb Chops “PAITHAKIA” Wood Grilled, Marinated with Fresh Herbs, Olive Oil and Lemon
served with “Greek Fries” and Tzatziki Yogurt Spread.


Kathleen ordered the same. Eileen decided on the Whole Prawns Wood Grilled with “HILOPITES” Square Cut Pasta, Tomato Compote and Kefalotiri Cheese,


and I went with the suggestion of our waiter who suggested the wood grilled Pompano. I also ordered a side order of the greek style fries with tzatziki.

pompano 2

greek potatos

The food was excellent. Eileen's prawns were delicate and rich with tomato. The girls' lamb was tender, flavorful, perfectly cooked, and was paired perfectly with the thick, rich, cooling tzatziki. My pompano was flaky, tender and rich. Perfectly cooked and paired with the butter and capers. The greek style fries were tender coins-stacked perfectly like cards. We had an excellent greek wine with our meal that was light and earthy like a Pinot Noir.

We couldn't stay at Kyma for dessert...we needed a change of venue. The shoes were begging for one, so we headed over to Intermezzo for dessert and fun drinks. We had Sofia champagne (from the Coppola vineyard), Paris on Fire (chambord, cassis and champagne with pineapple juice), Cappuccino cheesecake, and the Paris Brest-a layered dessert of creme anglaise, strawberries, and puff pastry.

At the end of the night, the shoes came off, the girls went home and Friday night ended with a quiet, satisfied drive home.



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