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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Theory About People Who Love Food


Behold the most fabulous thing I ate in 2006. I know its blurry, but it was seared fois gras with blueberries from Trois. It sent shivers down my spine. It melted over and over again in my mouth. I brutally stabbed someone who tried to steal a bite with my fork.

I have a theory that is rapidly gaining strength. A thesis that supposes that people who LOVE food, who really roll it around in their mouths, get excited about menus, crave certain dishes from childhood or from their neighborhoods, and celebrate the pleasure of eating, are:

-better in bed
-more fun on a Saturday night
-more likely to dream
-better friends: more likely to call, more likely to throw you a surprise party
-more loving, affectionate, happy, well-adjusted, and passionate

In the last year, I've met two people who really didn't care for food and it honestly freaked me out. One is through work. This woman is extremely bony and shrill. She never seems to be having a good time, and I think she delights in making other people's days worse. She survives on SlimFast alone. She proves my thesis up and down.

The other supposedly "never" liked food (even as a child!). He never really craves anything, eats only one flavor of yogurt in the morning (the same type he had been eating for years), and when handed a menu at a restaurant he would just "have what you were having" because it wouldn't occur to him to care enough to order something fabulous. He was once quoted as saying he would rather jump off a bridge than eat a hot dog or a doughnut. Kind of scary.

So, my dear readers. I know I haven't given you much lately in the area of blogging, but I'm begging you to weigh in on my thesis. I'm thinking I could write a book on this one day. Have you ever met anyone who proves or disproves my theory?


Anonymous Aimee said...

I agree! I've been trying to disprove your theory by thinking of friends and family, but that only seems to confirm it. Thank goodness I'm one of those passionate foodies! What a great validation...I'm great in bed just b/c I savor food!

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From a foodie who just married another foodie, I completely agree with your theory. Food is fun, and so is a partner who can make you feel special by cooking something special for you. -Christianne

9:14 AM  

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