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Friday, December 29, 2006



This Christmas season, I appreciated all of my gifts. Mostly the gift of a great laugh with a friend, of an old family photo, of a pajama day with my family. My life is filled with the best kind of gifts.

I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about the highlights of my Christmas:

1) The flawless execution of a Bon Appetit menu on Christmas eve: Standing Rib Roast, Yorkshire Pudding with bacon, roasted tomatos with Stilton, Green Beans with carmelized shallots, and potato gratin. I can tell you that this plate rivaled what was in the magazine!

2) My mother: If you ever think for one minute that what I have is god-given talent-think again! Every inspiration for every party, dish, creation comes from my mother. Just a few highlights were her cranberry speckled drink cooler--who would've thought to add cranberries to the ice!


Her flower arrangement for Christmas Eve-with cranberries too (those little suckers are versatile!):


And her Christmas morning breakfast: on the bottom is the potato gratin from Christmas Eve dinner, topped by crispy bacon and a perfectly poached egg. Herbs on the plate, ladies and genteman. She's an Alfred Portale apprentice:


3) This lunch I made for my mom and I on Christmas day-- Ham & Brie grilled cheeses with crudites from the night before:


4) My culinary presents!

Le Creuset Oven Mitts from Kathleen:

The Gift of Southern Cooking from Tara:


This kick-ass tea brewer and loose teas from Aimee (I'm drinking freshly brewed tea as I type this, Aimee!). You set it over your mug and it pours right in and you can brew in the microwave.



And these unique items from my Mom:
Chardonnay and Oak Fleur de Sel (I'm so excited about this I could eat it raw)

Truffle Sauce (oh-my-goodness)

White Balsamic Cream (the consistency of shower gel)

Please send ideas about how to use these items...

It was an incredible Christmas, and I'm happy to be back in Atlanta now getting ready for New Years with friends. Then, I'm off to Brazil & Argentina for 9 days for work. I promise to return with stories and photos of Malbec, Argentinian Beef, half-naked Brazilian girls, and the like.

In the meantime-tell me, did you receive any culinary gifts this year that you want to share?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I received some things off of my wedding registry -- like my everyday silverware, my fancy silverware, cookbooks, a pasta cooker & veggie cooker! All very exciting :)

10:05 PM  

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