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Sunday, November 26, 2006



Today, I transformed my turkey carcass into turkey noodle soup. I boiled the bones and meat for a few hours, and it yielded a flavorful broth. It has undertones of the carmelized lemons and the roasted garlic that stuffed the turkey. Its flecked with the herbs that were underneath the skin. I shredded the last clinging bits of turkey from the bones and added them to the broth. Then I added egg noodles and a few stalks of carrot and celery. Served it with a yummy wedge of crispy white mountain bread.

SO, you may not have reincarnated your turkey-but how did you enjoy your leftovers? In your pajamas the next morning? or perhaps as part of some other turkey-based meal?

Tell me in the comments!


Anonymous Unc Jack said...

I ate so much at Tami's on t-day that when we got home around 11, I could only sit and stare vacantly at the idiot box.

Since we didn't have many leftovers, I cooked a duck with all the trimmings on Sunday and had Gram over. We feasted once again!

9:30 AM  

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