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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New camera, new taste tester

It has been a while, but I'm back (safely) from my trip to Costa Rica. Unfortunately, I have a few deaths to report. First, the death of my camera. This occurred at approximately 3:42 pm on day 3 of our vacation. The camera was the victim of a slippery rock and some shoddy river shoes. We attempted emergency surgery for several days henceforth, but to no avail. The camera was dead. Luckily, our new friends on vacay took lots of photos of the food, and as soon as they send them to me, I plan to go to town in telling you all about it.

Then, there was the unofficial death of my memory card-which had been saved from the camera disaster. It held all photos taken up until the great crash occured. It went missing in action on Saturday from my pink sequined purse. I've called all around, but it seems like its gone forever.

And then, of course, the death of my relationship. An untimely one at that. James Taylor said "Never give up, never slow down, Never grow old, never ever die young". Well, we did. Approximately 72 hours after our return from Costa Rica, my relationship with Lee died in his living room among tears (mine) and apologies (his). Nothing to do with the vacation, or the food in Costa Rica I can assure you. So much for cute boys who take out the trash. So much for dreamin'.

So, I'm taking applications for new taste testers and bedmates. I'd love to find one in the same. Send all applications here, and I will respond promptly. Food photos are coming soon. I promise!!

"We couldnt touch them with a ten-foot pole
No, it didnt seem to rattle at all
They were glued together body and soul
That much more with their backs up against the wall

Oh, hold them up, hold them up
Never do let them fall
Prey to the dust and the rust and the ruin
That names us and claims us and shames us all

I guess it had to happen someday soon
Wasnt nothing to hold them down
They would rise from among us like a big baloon
Take the sky, forsake the ground

Oh, yes, other hearts were broken
Yeah, other dreams ran dry
But our golden ones sail on, sail on
To another land beneath another sky"


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