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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Chez Madeleine Turns One: and smashes cake in her own face (just like you did when you were one)


One year ago, inspired by the artisian olive oils of the Ferry Building Farmers Market, the gremolata and squash blossom pizza at Cafe Chez Panisse, and the weighty broccoli-cheddar strata griddled up at a local San Fran breakfast diner, I was inspired to start this blog. I trans-contintally (SFA to ATL) dreamt of stardom, fame, and instant literary accolades. I fantasized about being creative again---about giving a voice to all of the fallen souffles and pots de creme in my kitchen. I hoped to inspire those around me with recipes, humor, and reality.

Now, I know I frequently bordered on melodrama over the past year, but I've mostly faithfully brought you accounts of my (and my friends') adventures in food. You sat on the edge of your seats to see what which root vegetables would emerge from my weekly farmers market delivery. You coveted Kathleen's shoes when we took them out on the town. You secretly wished you could bake mini-bread loaves with a 3 year old, and you couldn't wait to attend your next wedding so that you could experiment with cake under your pillow.

You survived two of my break-ups. You were with me as I became 6 classes closer to my degree. You waited patiently as I jetted to Costa Rica, Brazil, & Argentina (twice). You never complained about my (mostly) crappy and almost (always) blurry photography, and you even endured my love affair with my cat.

So, for that, I am inviting you to a virtual Birthday Party to be held next Friday, June 22nd on Chez Madeleine. If you love me. If you don't want me to stick my head in the oven, you will make something, anything for my party. Please send me the photo to Sarah underscore Pearse at bus dot emory dot edu. If you have flickr-even better-just send me the link. Next friday, I'll set the table, put out all of your dishes, and we'll have a party just thinking about what the next year will bring.

So, dear readers, don't fail me now. Even if its your morning scrapple, its welcome at my party.

Happy Birthday Chez Madeleine!


Blogger Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! I've been honored to take this journey with you over the past year. And thank you for opening your kitchen (among other places) to us. I'll be there for your party next week! Maybe Elecia will even make you something :)

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for making us smile and salivate the past year! You are amazing!

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Lofty Lynn said...

Congrats on such inspired writing; I'm new to your site, but it's really a nice lift to read it. That pic of you as a child is amazing; I would guess you haven't changed a bit. Thanks for sharing your passion. -- Your lofty neighbor Lynn

10:07 PM  

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