Chez Madeleine

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Heavenly Food at Watershed


Last Friday, my two favorite girls and I donned sexy outfits and pointy heels and dined at Watershed. Most of you know that its my favorite restaurant in town. The dinner was actually a reward for Emily who successfully bid on my Menu for Hope prize, therefore saving me the humiliatio of having no one bid on my prize. I had already given Em & Sami the cookbook that was promised as part of the prize, and it seemed a bit silly to spend the day with Emily giving her a tour of familiar Atlanta fooderies, so instead I offered to take her for dinner at Watershed (to honor the original intention of the prize). Sami was otherwise indisposed at a Friday Night Team Meeting, so we took advantage of our girls night.

Kathleen and I still had warm memories of the Best G&T in town that we had ordered at our last dinner at Watershed, so we quickly ordered one. Its made with small-batch gin and has a crunchy cuke slice floating inside:


Next, we clamored for the Butterbean Hummus. Creamy and buttery-and served with homemade feta, crispy green beans, celery with its gorgeous leaves, razor thin radish wafers, and salty slimy olives:

I chose the porkchop cooked medium, served with macaroni & cheese and sweet potatos:

Kathleen ventured for the vegetable plate, which had lima beans, rutabega puree, fried califlower, sour cream corn bread, and roasted tomatos:

Emily chose best with Shrimp and Red Rice--it was tangy, creamy, tender, and spicy all at once:

Afterwards, we sped to a gallery opening and arrived too late for any people watching. Sometimes, on Friday, all you can hope (and pray for) is a great meal with your friends. If you haven't been to Watershed lately, go this weekend!

Nothing says I Love You like Sausage


In celebration of Valentine's Day, Jessica & Kevin invited me and my Valentine (Madeleine) over for a special V-Day brunch. So, last night Madeleine and I stayed home to wash our hair (and fur) and get prepared for the big day. I had a fashion show this morning, parading around in various jeans and sweater combinations until I found the one that was just right for my v-day brunch.

Kevin & Jessica know how to feed a girl. The table was beautifully set, and the menu was divine.

Everything was ready when I arrived, so we were able to leisurely enjoy a cup of coffee. I love make-ahead stuff that allows you to enjoy your guests' company.

voila le menu:

Whole Wheat Pancakes:

With fresh berry syrup:

A bowl of plump berries:

And the kicker...heart-shaped sausage:

and gorgeous heart-shaped cookies for dessert:

Here's Kevin (he wasn't sleeping, I just caught him in the middle of a blink) holding what he considered to be the "most perfectly heart-shaped sausage":

And my plate:

I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends.
Do something unexpected and special for your Valentine this year...make it a sausage holiday instead of a hallmark one...