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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Grab Bag

Remember "grab bag" from when we were young? At parties there would always be a "grab bag" filled with little dollar store gifts, sometimes food, sometimes plastic balls, eyeglasses with a fake nose and mustache, jacks...every party had a grab bag. You don't see a good grab bag very often any more.

So-here's one for your consumption. A smattering of recent activities and food...

First, my dinner at Quattro with Kate.


Shannon recommended Quattro. She and Chris had a great Friday night meal on the patio last weekend. Quattro is at least the 4th restaurant to go into the space next to Willy's on the park. Its one of those cursed restaurant spaces--it takes guts to open a restaurant in a space like that. Shannon speculated whether or not Quattro was trying to cut the Bob Amick empire off at the knees (One, Two and forthcoming Trois). Either way, Kate and I were very pleased with our tenderly almost tempura fried zucchini


And my creative panini--arugula, brie, proscuitto and canteloupe. I worried that the canteloupe would make the whole thing soggy, but the sweet, thin slices were warm and perfect. They were almost the condiment on the sandwich-providing moisture to the salty proscuitto and bitter arugula. Yum to Quattro for coming up with such an interesting sandwich.


Next, this baller filmed a hip hop video at my building last night. Here they are setting up the red carpet scene outside my window. Within two hours, there were 500 people, 10 more cars, strippers, pimps, stadium lights, and about 20 cameras on cranes outside. Lee-are you listening? I guess its time I got curtains. I was awake until after 2 am listening to the same 20 second clip from the same song about 400 times. It was brighter than the freaking beach in here, and I couldn't even get up to go to the bathroom or the entire scene would've witnessed me in my panties creeping across the room. It was like a fish bowl in here.


And last, I made myself a margherita pizza last night for dinner with fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatos. It was a nice tuesday treat.


So-there you have your Wednesday grab bag. Happy hump day!


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