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Friday, October 06, 2006



Friday night has become a ritual for me. My night alone, my night to cook. Glass of wine on the porch. Pajamas by 7 pm. Blockbuster. QT with mademoiselle whiskers. I'm into my "I can't hate you anymore" phase of mourning. I feel you, Nick. I'm not lonely, but I am pensive. Thinking a lot about love. Seeing his name still makes me jump. For a minute some days I still think he's mine, but then I remember the turned cheek and the hot stinging tears. What do you do when there is only one person who understands a certain inside joke? Does the joke stop being funny to you? I think it does. Its lost in translation. Another disfigured victim of the break-up. Like when you can't walk, but you dream about running.

So, back to dinner alone. Dinner for one. This week, we received gorgeous butternut squash from our weekly CSA delivery. Two unmatched apples came with the squash. The air is cool, and I have a yellow turtleneck cableknit sweater ready to go on the first 60 degree day, so its time for soup.


I decided to use my apples and squash, and leftover ginger from Healthy Lunch Club to make butternut squash soup.


First, I melted some butter in my big pan, and then I added a chopped vidalia onion, minced ginger, and minced garlic. I let them saute for a while in the pan until the onions had softened and turned transleucent. Meanwhile, I halved and roasted my squash at 375 for 45 minutes. I added my chopped and peeled apples to the onion mixture. Then I poured in some white wine for good measure and added lots of thyme from the window.

Peeling the squash was painful-I'm not a patient person. Lee once said, "Sarah, it really concerns me when you make impulsive, rash decisions." It stems from my impatience. Its me. He would hate that I was peeling squash hot. Would want me to sit with my hands by my sides and be patient. So, I burned my fingertips peeling the stringy orange squash in defiance of him.

Once I peeled it all, I added it to the pan with the rest, and covered the mixture with chicken broth. I started tasting. Added brown suger, cinnamon, cayanne pepper, fresh ground pepper, and sea salt.

Eventually, I transferred it to a blender and blended it until smooth. Wished for an immersion blender. Is anyone listening who happens to be going to Williams-Sonoma soon?


Ladled my fall, cableknit, crisp, apply, spicy soup into a bowl, drizzled it with heavy cream, and sprinkled with fresh thyme.

I've gotta admit--I'm a pretty good Friday night date.


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